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November 10, 2018
Hair & Beauty Magazine – Mid-Year Edition
June 15, 2019

Hello Africa, Good day Nigeria.
This is our Christmas 2018/New Year cum January 2019 edition; the one that ushers in the styles that will dominate the festive season; and into the New Year.

The year 2018 has been an eventful one for the hair industry. The year which saw a reversal of a typical pricing trend in Nigeria. A trend which leads many to believe that – Prices only go up in Nigeria, and once they go up, they don’t come down again.

For the first time in recent years, prices have been tumbling downwards; crashing in a free-fall style. Thanks to the “Chinese invasion” – They over flooded the hair market with their goods, and actually believe that close-out prices or drastic price reduction is their only way out. But is it? This reaction will cause the demise of many companies – importers. The winner in this quagmire or reckless reaction is the African women, whose appetite for sold-hair is insatiable.

Ever wonder how many Hairdressers’ Associations are in Nigeria or West Africa or indeed in the world? Lots. Let us start from Lagos. There are about 10 Associations, but only 5 are well known – AHA, NASHCO, LABHCA, ASOLBACH, and OSBHCO. Who are the others? Stand up and be recognized. Register with This is a platform that gives the public a chance to interact or relate with the Associations, individually and collectively. Visit and see the countless opportunities which the site offers.

As long as Hair remains the crowning glory of a woman. And as long as anything hair is vital – be it Hair on your head or eyes – as in eyelashes, hair will continue to remain a major determinant of any economy – worldwide.

The hair industry was well represented at the recent Lagos International Trade fair which took place at the Tafawa Balewa square. Most conspicuous at the hair are the likes of Universal Hair Care Ltd, Darling, X-pression, Toyokalon, and Kanekalon. All the five major Hair Associations in Lagos were also in attendance, courtesy of Kanekalon.
Kudos to the Hairdressers’ industry.

In the last week of November 2018, a company called AFAM treated some heads of the hair Associations in Nigeria to an unforgettable trip to Ghana for skills enhancement, holiday. The well-publicized occasion also made important trends on the Internet. Kudos to AFAM, as we look forward to such treats from other well meaning companies to join the likes of Kanekalon, a pioneer, and AFAM.

At a recent brainstorming session, one of the discussants argued that, countries that are heavily into hair or Hair-related businesses do not suffer from long recession period. He cited examples of China, USA, and of course, Nigeria. Imagine!

Good or bad your hair says a whole lot about you. Better said: by their hair, ye shall know them.
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