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Established: 17th May, 1978
President:Mrs. Abari

The Birth of NASHCO

History was made at the banquet hall of the National Arts Theater, Iganmu, Lagos on Saturday 19th May, 1979 as the crème de societe’ gathered to make the first yer of existence of the Nigerian Association. Of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, NASHCO, and formally lunch the association. It was the first time as association of professional cosmetologists and hairdressers was launched anywhere in the entire country of Nigeria. NASHCO indeed was a “child of circumstance” which came into being with the sudden realization, that was longed for abroad is right here at and in great abundance too. The usual assembly of hairdressers for a manufacturer demonstration of a foreign product on the 17th May, 1978 at number 41 Ogunlana drive Surulere, the Elegant Twins School of Hairdressing and Salon encouraged the noble idea, with all present in agreement, that there is dignity and power in combing resources and forces. So NASHCO was born to the counted alongside other reputable professional associations. NASHCO indeed was a “child of circumstance” which came into being with the sudden realization, that was longed for abroad is right here at and in great abundance too. . It is worthy of note that the seed of the association was not left in Lagos alone. Within the first year of conception NASHCO was able to raise delegates from each of the 19 States of the country, then to attend the first National general meeting in Lagos on the 3rd of April, 1979. With precision propelled with unity of purpose, application for the registration of the association was submitted to the Ministry of International Affairs and the board of trustees was appointed. Today NASHCO is a legal entity of professional registered under the Land Perpetual Succession Acts, Cap 98.


It must be emphasized here that all the programmes of the Association must be carried out A-Z since it is the experts themselves handling the Association. For this reason you should not delay your enrolment. You are also advised to file your membership benefits (These sheets) so as to know your entitlements. The foundation of NASHCO was therefore built on unity and strength. Our vision was on the platform of the adage “ experience is the best teacher”. That by regular interactions through meetings, manufacturers seminars and demonstration and exchange of ideas and expertise we will rub on one another and this will foster the improvement of not only the practice of the profession but more particularly in understanding the manufacturers prescribed steps of product usage for optimum results.

The professional of hairdressing and cosmetology through+ activities of NASHCO has been accepted by the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE), with the first NASHCO president, Mrs. E.Osinsanya JP, serving on the board + prepare the components of the curriculum dealing with the theory, practice, and related studies in cosmetology.

The first National Elected Officers of NASHCO

For the Year 1979/80 were:

Life Matron & Charter President : Dr(Mrs) E.A. Osinsanya JP 00N
National President : Dr(Mrs) Betty Ishoka
National Vice President : Hon. Princes Adetayo Beatrice Gold
National Co-ordinator : Mrs. Angela Akante
Assistant National Co-ordinator : Mr.T Obameye
National Secretary : Proprietress Onajite Darlington
National Assistant Secretary : Mr Godwin Akpemeran
National Treasurer : Hajia S.A Hassan
National Financial Secretary : M/c Ayodele Mary
National Financial Treasurer : Mrs Surat Olaribigbe Abari-Ajibola
National P.R.O(1) : Alhaja G.O Adeyeme
National P.R.O(4) : Mrs. Esther Ikhele
National (Social Secretary 1) : Princes Mrs.Adeola Folade
National (Social Secretary 2) : Princes Mrs.Omotayo Bodunrin
National Walfare Officer : Mr. Bashiru
Hairdressers, Beauticians comes and join
To beauty, to beauty
NASHCO’s calling, NASHCO’s calling
NASHCO’s calling hairdressers to come and join

NASHCO’s is for professionals
NASHCO’s is for professionals
NASHCO’s is for professionals
Hairdressers and cosmetologists

We make the ugly beautiful,
We make the beauty most beautiful,
The Butchers wife, the Doctors, the Lawyers and
The Engineers, our Honourable Member and
His Excellency cannot deny our services,
That’s why he is younger everyday (2ce)
Everyday by day. He is getting younger
And more energetic to serve Nigeria
Everyday, that NASHCO and Nigeria may live longer.

Put on your armour of excellence
Put on your armour of professionalism
Put on your armour of love
That stands you out as a beautification of all time. (2 times)


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