Lagos State Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association

Established: 2016
Motto:Beauty Radiates Love
President:Mrs. Oladipupo

Aims and Objectives

The Association is a social and economic organization and as such its aims and objectives shall be as follows:

(A) To organize all the barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists in Lagos state for the purpose of advancement of their business, social and economic development and ensure that they are registered with and enjoy the recognition of the Association.

(B) To protect the interest of its members in matters relating to barbering,hairdressing and cosmetology enterprises stock-in-trade, business and professional activities and promote measures and legislation where necessary in order to give effect to aims and object of this Association.

(C) To create and encourage funds by periodical subscriptions of and contribution by members and to raise funds either by voluntary donations,levies,fines membership enrollment fees or borrowing for the advancement and promotion of mutual interests of members and aims/objectives of the Association.

(D) To express, represent and give effect to the views and opinions of barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists and allied professionals in the Association on allied social or business,commercial,industrial and environmental matters of all kinds concerning the Association and its members and their professional interests in Lagos state.

(E) To enter in agreement or understanding with third parties and other bodies for the advancement beneficial interest and protection of barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists in Lagos state.

(F) To undertake and ensure the Pacific settlement of professional disputes among its members through good offices negotiation,mediation and conciliation

(G) To provide and maintain zonal units offices, states secretariat and employ staff for the use of it's officers, executives and the Association.

(H) To acquire and deal in real or personal property and acquire rights and privileges in Lagos state which the Association may consider necessary or convenient for the promotion of it's aims and objectives

(I) To initiate and execute measures,programmes and activities aimed at accelerating the overall growth and development of the Association and its members.

(J) To borrow or raise money in such manner as the Association shall think fit and to secure the repayment of any money borrowed, raised or owing by mortgage or charge upon all or any of the property or assets of the Association.

(K) To establish, maintain and enforce a code of conduct, professional etiquette and ensure high standards among its members in the practice of the profession of Barbing, hairdressing and Cosmetology in Lagos state.

(L) To acquaint members with current development,trends,styles,methods, products of interest and share common experience, knowledge and skills

(M) To give support to any institution, charitable organization, association, society, company or anybody or group of persons having for its objects the promotion of barbers,hairdressers and cosmetologists interest.

(N) To accept gifts, donations, souvenirs, sample and goodwill from donors, well-wishers, friend ,charitable organizations and government bodies.

(O) To provide a forum/ platform for handling and dealing with mutual or common professional/business matters, issues or problems among members.

(P) To furnish and acquaint members with information on current/contemporary styles and developments and acquaint them with latest products instruments/implements cosmetics and stock-in-trade in the business of Barbing, hairdressing and Cosmetology.

(Q) To provide welfare benefits, charitable, social or cultural assistance or moral support to financial members during occasions of wedding/marriage ceremonies, bereavements, naming ceremonies, severe illnesses and the likes as may be decided by the Exco/Zonal Head Meetings.

( R) To engage in such other measures as are incidental or and supplementary to any of the aims and objects of the Association.

(S) To grant associate membership registration and accreditation to cosmetics and products manufacturers sympathetic to and supportive of the aims, objects, activities and programmes of the association.

(T) To employ workers/staff for the association and pay salaries or wages and allowances to such staff and terminate such employment as may be required by the Association.

Afro Asia
Braids and Extensions
Beads Making
Nail Seulpinture
Business Management
Face Body Therapy
1) Ladipupo Yetunde, President
2) Vice president Olowokere Yomi
3) Alhaja Bakare (Chairperson, Board-of- Trustees)
4) Ughutevbe Olufumilayo
5) M. Lanre Atunda
6) Chief Mrs. Adeola Koleade
7) Kehinde Suoye
8) Omoniyi Faylola
9) Tina Ogbere
10) Wahidi Jayeola


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