We are HAN, which stands for Hair Associations in Nigeria. On the internet, it is dubbed as - www.han.com.ng

Ever thought about accessing all the Hairdressers’ Associations in Nigeria? Bear in mind, that majority of the Associations are not actively Online. We are powered by the foremost hair magazine in Nigeria. The African Hair & Beauty magazine


Our mission is to create a platform that would enable the public, industry stake holders, manufacturers, practitioners, etc, to reach the Associations and their members. Secondly, to create a window of opportunity for the various hair Associations in Nigeria. Thirdly, to proving a smooth level playing ground for the Associations and those who wish to do business with them.

For the first time, all Associations that are listed on our website can access the internet, gain global exposure, and reap the corresponding benefits of being Online 27/7 Furthermore, the members can avail themselves of the opportunity of, with all due respect, availing themselves the opportunity of having access to a distinguished email address; away from using only @yahoo.com email address.

Imagine the ease and joy of being able to reach all the Hair Associations in Nigeria, or indeed, Africa with an unprecedented ease. Imagine the likes of Kanekalon, the Japanese company, that is well known and respected for hosting industry-shows, consistently for the past six years, the need to connect with Hair Associations cannot be over emphasised. From here on, the Associations will have access to industry newsletter, as well as issue their own, including Press Release. Showcase their hairstyles, as well as receive news.


Nations evolve, as do companies or organizations. The Hairdressing & Cosmethology industry in Nigeria has also evolve, and developed. But a lot more needs to be done. We hear about Ghana Weaving as a Hair style. And Rihanna, a hairstyle too. Very little is heard or known about a Nigerian hairstyle. We, through this medium, will challenge and inspire the Hair Associations to be more creative, as well as provide a platform to show-case their creations.

We also want to provide opportunity for them to earn money for their efforts. Manufacturers and end-users should also be a source of blessing to the industry, in exchange for their creativity.

Imagine. Daily, First ladies, and Governors in Nigeria, you name it, entrust their heads to the hands of hairdressers. Are these practitioners well trained? Are they board certified? Are they licensed? Do they re-train?

We intend to gear the industry toward excellence. Our Vision is for a better Hair industry.