Only the best hair fibre is good enough for Nigerian women,”
June 16, 2019


I am pleased to write this report about The 2019 Arigato Show, which took place on Nov. 2, 2019. The show met all standards and even surpassed our expectations. Before the show, I had an expectation of 35% success rating. But in the end, I scored it 98.5% success rating. Kudos. The audience, the participants, the guests, everyone, was very satisfied. The Hair Associations loved the show and appreciated the show too. They (the associations) gave their best performances, and cooperation, and they were very happy with every aspect of the event. The 2019 Arigato Show offered a very serene atmosphere, warm, cordial, pleasant, happy, family-like affair. It was very successful. I dare say that it was the best Arigato show since inception.


Ms. Charlotte from Ghana gave a fantastic presentation about Flame Retardant. I believe, this was one of the best Flame Retardant presentations that I have witnessed in recent times. The presentation by Esther C of KBC Nigeria was equally superb. Her speech was very good in the sense that it gave a clear understanding and the functions of KBC. Nigeria. The Vote-of-Thanks which was given by Dr. Oda was superb, entertaining and refreshing, and was well understood and appreciated. Live music, overall entertainment, food, drinks, overall production, care, gifts, were excellent. It was an event that gave 100% satisfaction.

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